Self Storage Acton

Whether you’re moving home or trying to free up some space in your existing one, we’ve got the self storage solution for you.

With components and lockers of varying dimensions for both private and business use, Share My Storage offers self storage containers at the best prices.

Starting from £5 per week, why don’t you get the most out of our economical self storage in Acton today?

They very best prices in Acton

From lockers and boxes to containers and units, Share My Storage provides the very best deals for Self Storage Acton*. If you come across a lower quotation from elsewhere, simply let us know. We will attempt to match it or provide you a better bargain! 

Clients are billed on a monthly basis. The fee is deducted in the bank account on the day of your choice each month. Should you lease inexpensive self storage space from us and would like to downsize (or even up-size) you can! Provide us notice so that we can accommodate this shift.

*Our prices include insurance for your stored belongings, up to a value of £50,000. 

Safe & Secure

Each of our storage websites in Acton are 100% secure, so you don’t need to stress about maintaining your possessions.   

Enclosed fences and by heavy-duty gates, our storage sites feature. We also have floodlights to ensure visibility at all times and detectors that identify and inform the authorities of any suspicious movements.

Your individual self storage space has its very own security measures, too. This includes industry-finest steel walls and a unique padlock (you can either buy a padlock from us for £5 – £25 or bring your own along). We don’t require a copy of the key to your padlock; you are the only person with access to your belongings.

24/7 Access

Together with our self-storage, you have access. This means that in the event you’ve got another item want to take out something in the last moment or to put into storage, you can do that!

You don’t even need to contact us beforehand and a part of our Client Services team will be more than happy to assist.

Flexible storage options

Share My Storage has an array of plans available, from 7 days to 7 decades. So whether you need somewhere to store your possessions whilst you wish to maintain your furniture somewhere into the future or move home, we have the great self-storage alternative for you!

We also know that your circumstances may vary from time to time. If that is the case, then get in contact with our team to go over amending your storage plan that is present.

5-star friendly and professional Customer Services

We understand that moving home can be stressful, but we don’t want it to be the same case for moving your belongings into self-storage. Each team member here at Share My Storage is friendly and fully-trained in Customer Services, so whether you would like to change your self-storage price plan or rent some additional space, we have someone here to help!

We Share My Storage offer a collection service for customers who’d like some help with moving their possessions into and out of storage.

Cheap personal storage in Acton

Properties in Acton can be on the smaller side, and you may end up bringing more belongings than you can fit into your new home. Perhaps you have had a clear out but aren’t quite ready to say goodbye just yet. If this is the case, then our cheap self-storage in Acton is for you!

Each site offers a range of storage sizes, from lockers to shipping containers – we guarantee there will be a space big enough for your belongings.

Cheap business storage in Acton

From short to long-term, small spaces to huge units – we have the perfect storage solution for your business. Whether you are a small-scale entrepreneur or national company looking for some space to hold your business supplies and equipment, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

With our business storage you can benefit from the following:

  •         24/7 access to your belongings
  •         Storage from a minimum of 7 days
  •         Freedom to upscale or downsize your storage space

Need help moving your items into storage?

Share My Storage also offers a collection service. This could be of help if you don’t have access to a vehicle, or if you cannot squeeze all of your belongings into your car.

We charge a flat rate by the hour for this service, meaning that you receive the exact price as soon as you enquire. It won’t cost you any more or less depending on the time, day of the week or holiday period. We operate 7 days a week throughout the year (excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day). If you receive a lower quote from elsewhere just let us know – we will try and match it or give you an even better offer if we can!

All of our storage collection drivers have 5+ years of driving experience and know how important it is for your belongings to be transported as safely as possible when travelling around Acton.