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What does it cost?

What does it cost?

For storage users...
Joining the site: FREE
Contacting other members: FREE
Renting out storage space: PRICE SET BY OWNERS  (You are not charged any fees on top of this by SmS)
For storage providers...
Joining the site: FREE
Listing your space on SmS: FREE (Meaning you’re never out of pocket from using the site)
Exchanging messages via the site: FREE
Arranging a booking: One weeks storage rent

What does our commission pay for?

First of all it pays for the site to exist at all. SmS is not a big business and this commission is what allows us to run, monitor and develop the community. This fee is also used to attract people to the site, both to offer and to book storage space.  We do not display banner advertising on SmS and we do not charge people to list storage or communicate with other members. We hope you think this charge is fair for the service we offer.

Paying SmS

Shortly after a booking has been arranged we will email the storage provider a request for payment through Paypal. This payment will amount to the first two weeks storage and can be made via a credit/debit card or through the storage providers existing Paypal account. 

Questions about payment…

What if I don't have a PayPal account?
Not a problem.  Neither the storage provider or user require a Paypal account to use the SmS service.  We do however issue requests for payment through a Paypal API but this can be settled via a regular debit or credit card.

What about PayPal charges?
PayPal charges are separate to the commission charged to storage providers by Please take a look at your PayPal account to find out about the transaction fees they charge.

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