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How to list your space

Transportation & Insurance

Once you have secured suitable storage and packaging material the next step is to consider how you are going to transport your possessions and protect them against unforeseen circumstances.


Apart from the cost of the storage itself it is important to be aware of the additional cost of transporting your possessions to and from your storage space.  Whilst it may be an option to use your own car and do this on the cheap it may well be less hassle and not that much more expensive to arrange your own van hire.

Incentivised Van-hire
If you are considering using a commercial storage facility it’s likely you’ll be offered cheap or free van hire as an incentive to move in.  As the vast majority of people tend to use storage for longer than initially intended (out of sight out of mind) storage providers are basically taking a calculated risk that offering free or cheap van-hire will pay off over the period of storage.  As commercial storage firms do not offer van-hire incentives in the same way make sure you find out if there are any strings are attached e.g. minimum storage period etc...

Alternative Van-hire
As vehicles in general is widely recognised as being a significant contributor to carbon emissions SmS has teamed up with the eco-friendly transportation guys at uShipeco-friendly transportation guys at uShip. uShip is an online haulage and courier marketplace where empty vans and lorries returning to base can be hired for private transportation and haulage.  The result is lower carbon emissions and reduced costs all round...quite a bit like SmS then!  Find out more about uShip or get a no obligation quote hereuShip or get a no obligation quote here.

Storage Insurance

Whether you are using domestic storage or commercial storage found on SmS protecting your possessions from the unexpected is of course a sensible course of action.

SmS storage insurance
Many people will already have a home contents insurance policy.  Insurance brokers we have contacted have confirmed that most polices of this type make allowances for possessions held in what is termed ‘temporary storage’.  If you are storing your possessions at someones home or garage get in touch with your insurers and inform them of the storage address and the length of time your items will be there.

Commercial storage insurance
Up until a few years ago all self-storage providers accepted qualifying third party home contents insurance policies which was great news for the storage user as it meant lower costs.  Unfortunately the regulation surrounding the marketing and promotion of such policies was relaxed in 2009 offering an opportunity for some of the larger self-storage providers to offer in-house policies without a requirement to provide alternatives.  These in-house policies tend to be more costly than third party polices but since you have no choice you’ll need to add this to the cost of your storage to make sure you are still getting the best deal.

Where storage firms accept qualifying third party home contents policies you still need to ensure that your insurance company is happy with the arrangement.  Although home contents policies normally make allowances for ‘temporary storage’ they may exclude items held in a commercial self-storage facility.

So whether you are using commercial storage or domestic storage listed on SmS make sure you inform your insurer of where you intend to store your possessions and for how long.  For more information about insurance and protection see our FAQs. insurance and protection see our FAQs.

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