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Imran Azam, Founder

Responsibilities at SmS
My absolute priority is to ensure the SmS community remains at the heart of everything we do - I'm always keen to hear from our members and find out what we can do better. On an on-going basis I've got my fingers in all manner of SmS pies whether its maintaining our blog and social media comms, speaking at events, keeping abreast and promoting the Collaborative ConsumptionCollaborative Consumption movement, and of course improving how the SmS service operates.

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Nizam Patel, Co-founder

Responsibilities at SmS
Generally making sure SmS runs smoothly and improves over time which involves digging into considerable amounts of data and acting on the valued feedback provided directly by our members.  If you have a query or if something isn’t quite doing what it should then I'm your man.

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Josie Robson, Content Specialist

Responsibilities at SmS
Writing (almost) everything that you see on the SmS website and in the emails too. Fingers crossed I've done an okay job at explaining how it all works but if you have any questions we're always on hand to help out.

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Annette Ritson, Tech Manager

Responsibilities at SmS
Implementeing the raft of site amends that are thrown in my direction on regular basis.  If it needs tweaking, changing, updating or a total rethink it will probably end up on my desk under a pile that says 'to do asap'. Note to self; must learn to juggle.

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Yes that’s right…we’re talking about you!  It really goes without saying that without the support of SmS community we really wouldn’t be able to get very far so a big thank you for all your support - let’s build something special together.

Join The Team

We are on the look out for a Technical Co-founder who is able to undertake on-going site development in line with user feedback and add considerable value to the proposition.

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