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Storage User Checklist

After the booking has been confirmed go through our checklist to ensure you've got everything under control...

Staying safe: review our Terms and Consditions as well as our staying safe guidlines.

Take a look: arrange a prior viewing of the storage space to make sure it is suitable for your needs.  You will need to have reserved the space reserved the space beforehand to do this.

Stock up: make sure you have enough packaging material to make sure all items are stored in a way that’ll keep them protected. See our 'packing/storing tips'.

Make a list: keep a record of all the items you are storing.

Use the list: check things off your list when loading and unloading at the storage place.  Keep your list in a safe place - if you are planning to store for a long time, it will act as a useful register of what was left in storage.

Arrange insurance:  make the appropriate insrance aranagments.  See 'FAQs - Protection, Insurance an Saftey' for further info.

Arrange transportation: if you can manage in a car or two, save some money by roping friends in to help.  Alternativly search for suitable eco-friendly transportation with our friends at uShipuShip.

Plan your storage: make a note of where you stacked things to make them easy to find later on. Try to keep the things you’re most likely to need in a place that’s easily accessible. See our 'storage tips'.

Lock up: if the storage provider has agreed to allow you to take your own locks for the room or space, make sure you have bought yourself a good quality lock.

Agreement:  take a copy of your list of storage items and and ask the storage provider to sign this as part of the varification process.  Provide a copy of this for the storage provider to retain.

It was a great experience storing with someone local...and it worked a treat!

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