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Storage Provider Checklist

After the a booking has been confirmed go through our checklist to ensure you've got everything under control...

Staying safe:  read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and go through our FAQs on Protection, Insurance & Safety.

Prepare your space: if you haven't done so already do clear out your storage space and ensure it is secure, clean, dry and ready for use. 

Review the space:  a storage user will most likely want to have a look at your storage space prior to using it. People will feel more confident about using SmS storage if they are able to meet the storage provider so don't be shy and take the opportunity to meet and review the space.

Be puntual:  mark the date the storage user is moving in and make sure you are on time to provide access.

Check what's being stored:  as a storage provider you are entitled to know what is being stored at your property.  The storage user will most likely have a list of storage items so take the time to review this and ideally retain a copy.

Clarity:  make sure the storage user is aware of anything that may effect their use of your storage i.e. going abroad, restricted access times, tec...

Agreement:  take a copy of the list of storage items and ask the storage user to sign this as part of the verification process.  Both parties should have a copy of this document.

It was a great experience storing with someone local...and it worked a treat!

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