How to list your space
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So what kind of space can you offer on SmS?

Any suitable unused space you’re happy to offer will be welcome on – here are a few ideas...

Attics:  most suitable for storing items that do not need to be acessed by the storage user on a reguler basis i.e. files, books, packaged cloths, small furniture...

Basement:  depending on the dimensions and access a basement is a great storage area for all manner of items!

Garages:  whether double or single the humble garage is much misunderstood.  Having been built for the sole purpose of storing our cars they are now used to store the junk from our homes!  It's time to clear out the garage and make it available for self-storage.  Depending on where you are located you could make up to £200 a month of extra income.

Barns:  big brand self-storage only really sets up where there is profit to be made; more often than not in densly populated areas.  People in rural areas are unfortunately used to this as they tend to be last in the queue when services are being delievered...or not!  Offer your shed, barn or outhouse for storage and use to plug the self-storage service gap in your town.

Beach Huts:  a quirky remnant of our love of the British seaside from time gone by no doubt but the Beach Hut is enjoying a renaissance.  Many are exchanging hands for tens of thousands of pounds only to be used 2/3 months and locked up for the rest of the year.  List your Beach Hut on SmS and make it work the other nine months of the year.

The list goes on but one thing is for sure; if you have extra space someone out there needs it and wouldn’t mind paying for the privilege of using it.

Commercial:  SmS will consider independent 'best pracitce' self-storage firms who wish to list. 'Best practice' is defined by;

  1. accepting qualifying third party content insurance
  2. displaying 'what you see is what you get' pricing
  3. displaying weekly rather than monthly pricing (a week is always defined as 7 days whereas a month can be 28 - 31 days)
  4. have a transparent 'missed payments' policy

If you are a 'best practice' storage provider wishing to list please email us in the first instance.

Important to think about before listing…
When listing your storage remember that people who are looking for storage are doing so because they value their items. As such listing storage space that isn’t secure, dry and clean isn’t going to do anyone any good.

As a good rule of thumb, think about whether you’d be happy to store your own possessions in any given space, if the answer is ‘yes’ then away you go!

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