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One of the critical questions that arises when considering storage is exactly how much space you require.  Its an important question to address as the more space you need the more it’s likely to cost.  So unless you have one of the those fabled trees in the back garden that grows money you’ll probably want to keep cost to a minimum and that means determining how much storage space you’re going to need.

Estimating the amount of storage space you are going to need is not an exact science but a combination of the ‘law of self-storage averages’ and use of the ‘SmS Storage Calculator’ should point you in the right direction.

The law of storage averages...

Most people who use self-storage are home movers.  Based on the statistics provided by thousands of people who have previously used self-storage it is possible to suggest how much space you will need based on the type of property you occupy;

1 Bedroom/Studio Flat 50-75 sq ft
2 Bedroom Flat/House 75-100 sq ft
3 Bedroom Flat/House 100-125 sq ft
4 Bedroom House 150-175 sq ft
5 Bedroom House 175-200 sq ft

Note:  100 sq ft is approximately the size of a single UK covered garage space.  Figures based on an average of size guidelines provided by UK self storage facilities.

So if you are a home mover you’ve now got a rough idea of how much storage you’ll need.  Great!  If you are not a home mover or simply want a more accurate estimation the next step is to use the SmS Storage Calculator...

The SmS Storage Calculator...

Storage space is normally advertised in two dimensions - length multiplied by width - and is usually measured in Square Feet.  The height of the unit is not normally listed as people generally find it easier to visualise 2 dimensions rather than 3 when it comes to self-storage.  Although this may be the case it important to consider the height of a unit as you may save of space (and hence money) by carefully stacking to the ceiling.

The SmS Storage Calculator gives you both the amount of Square Feet (sq ft) and the Cubic Feet (cu ft) you will need based on the figures you input.  Haven’t got time to use the calculator in one sitting?  No problem; we’ve made it downloadable so save it to your computer and use it at your leisure.

SmS Storage Calculator: download here

We’ve worked hard to build a calculator that works for you.  If you have any suggestions as to how it can be improved do let us know.

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