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Nizam Patel, Co-founder

Responsibilities at SmS
Generally making sure SmS runs smoothly and improves over time which involves digging into considerable amounts of data and acting on the valued feedback provided directly by our members.  If you have a query or if something isn’t quite doing what it should then I'm your man.

Previous Jobs

As with everyone it’s a mixed bag really; working for a not-for-profit org as community liaison officer as well as the very profit driven finance sector with Barclays.  The values of the banking sector didn’t really sit well so I decided to go it alone and have been working as independent consultant in the equitable Ethical Finance industry for the best part of a decade.  How time flies…

Favourite thing about SmS
If the last 5 years of the internet has been about building virtual social networks I believe the next 5 years will be about translating this online sharing culture into real tangible communities of trust and interdependence.  That's what SmS is all about and its just great to be part of it.

First Job
Many moons ago I was a Logistics Specialist at a cutting edge firm of remote service other words I worked in the packaging department at a call centre.  My CV uses the former description.

Favourite animal/film/pizza topping/member of the A-Team

Animal:  Lion!  King of the jungle and Apple's best OS.

Film:  Back to the Future 1 & 2.  Great characters, fantastic storyline and absolutely cutting edge for its time...and I still can't wait for the hover-board to come out.

Pizza topping:  Toppings?  Just make sure the base is thin'n'crispy and good things will follow.

Member of the A-Team:  Hannibal.  The only man in history to have built a helicopter out of a fairy liquid bottle, some sticky tape and a box a of matches...genius!

Finding storage has never been straight forward...until now that is.

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