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The 3 Musketeers of Self Storage: Packaging, Transport & Insurance



Vroom Vroom...

When it comes to transport with self storage some people use their own means of getting to and from the self storage facility. However, this can mean lots of car journeys to-and-fro the unit which can be quite time consuming and a lot of hard work. So there is the option of hiring a vehicle for the day; it is easy to think 2-3 hours will be enough to load and unload, but give yourself the day so that you are not rushing and stress levels are kept to a minimum. You can also hire a Man/Woman in Van service to help you load and unload and take your belongings for you.

Packaging, keeping it green...

We all know the effects of global warming on our beautiful planet and the need to do our bit to maintain a sustainable world. We are sure, like us, you are conscious of this and want to do what you can to help, so keep this in mind when you are boxing up your goods. We have an agreement with a renewable concept where you hire out boxes for however long you need and send them back when you are done with them, not only is this great for the environment but for your wallet as well, packaging can get very expensive very quickly. Another alternative is to go down to your local supermarket and grab some recyclable boxes from there, the options are out there green friends!

How lawful!...

Now when it comes to insurance within the self storage industry we know this is the one you want to go over with a fine tooth comb. Some self storage facilities accept qualifying home contents policy but a lot of the time these are not qualifying to cover self storage, you must have insurance in order to use legitimate self storage. Insurance can cost anything from £1-£1.50 per £1000 value which counts to about 5% cost of your storage per year.

Options with Insurance...

  • You can shop around for qualifying home contents insurance.
  • Use the Self Storage facilities in-house insurance offers.
  • Use a third party insurance policy from Insur-go. They cover many self storage facilities in the UK at a much lower cost than £1/£1.50 per £1000 worth of goods. 

Remember, it is your responsibility to insure your goods not the storage providers, so please don't brush over insurance and make sure your goods are protected.


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