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Storage and You: What Self Storage best fits you!


Storage and You: What Self Storage best fits you!

It is very important to understand what type of storage you may require. You may think you need a certain type of storage however there could be an option out there that works out cheaper for you but still giving you exactly what you need.


Types of Storage

  1. Conventional Lock Up Garages
  2. Shipping Container Storage
  3. Self Storage


Generally speaking lock up's don't have the best reputation, however, this is not the case; when used correctly it is a very cheap and flexible means of storing items. Lots of mechanics and cars enthusiasts use lock ups but they are not just a one trick pony. Items that don't need to be regulated by temperature, that are not affected by moisture and aren't of great value are perfect for this type of storage, a really cost effective way of storing your items. We have a whole range of Lock Ups on around the UK.

Shipping Container Storage

As you may already know these are the large steel containers with big metal doors. They are usually in a shipping container park, not under cover nor are they temperature regulated, however, you can get some with electricity. If maintained correctly there should be no issue with moisture in this type of storage. In terms of cost this is the next level up: not as expensive as self storage, but more than lock up garages however the security is usually better and the units are more accessible.

Self Storage

The Big Daddy of Storage! There are over 1200 facilities around the UK, many are independent providers, your locals, people of the community that you can communicate easily with over storage space. They usually have either a purpose built facility or a converted warehouse. You select the space you want accordingly and manage the space yourself. Self Storage tend to offer additional services such as packaging, and transport. They are usually more flexible, and may accept home contents insurance, and won't always ask for a deposit. S
So if you are looking for storage protection from theft, damage, moisture independent self storage facilities are the best option. For listings please check out all our self storage facilities we have to offer around the UK on our website

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