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SmS Helpful Guidance to Self Storage

It is becoming common knowledge that we Brits, like our friends across the pond, are a nation of hoarders. Now we completely understand that when an item has sentimental value or tangible commercial value there is a need to hold on to such things, however holding on to broken irons and worn out sofas covered in cobwebs, there is no justification for.

When it comes to sorting out what to keep for self storage and what to throw, sites such as Gumtree are very good, something you might think nobody wants could be just what they were looking for. Great way to earn some extra pennies through self storage!

Less Stuff to Store = Less Storage Space = Lower Cost of Storage = Spare Cash

Lots of people make the mistake of underestimating the length of time they need self storage for, and storage companies know this. Typically the average person uses self storage for 12 months, but won’t always need it for that long. It’s like a gym membership, once you’ve signed up and direct debits set up, it’s out of sight out of mind.

Plan for your exit out of self storage as much as you would going into storage.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

It all begins with visualising the space you need for self storage. For example, a single garage is about 100sqft, this can fit a 2/3 bedroom house worth of belongings, or a flats worth, so a couple of beds, wardrobe, sofa, dining room table and boxes full of smaller items. Plan in advance, and give yourself time to shop around different self storage companies to see who can give you the best offer for the space you need, find out if the company is flexible to changes.


-        Consider what items you really need and what you don’t.

-        Reduce amount of storage space you require.

-        Shop around for the best deals, and flexibility.

-        Plan & prepare to ensure you utilise your storage space.

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