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SmS Blog Series Part 6: Impact on Politics

The blog series highlights how can positively effect the environment, help local government, help build social capital and help reboot the economy.


As has been previously alluded to the New Sharing Economy – and by association SmS - will have a greater impact on peoples lives than the industrial revolution; this will clearly lead to new challenges and opportunities for local and central government. There will be some winners and some losers; society overall will become more self reliant and ‘connected’ leading to an increase in economic productivity, social productivity and micro-entrepreneurship, whilst champions of ‘top down’ or ‘big’ government will struggle to find relevance in the face of citizens who are less reliant on their social welfare services.

But herein lies a significant economic opportunity for local governments; to create a society of micro entrepreneurs whilst harnessing new streams of micro tax revenue that would prove to be more stable, predictable and diverse and very much disassociated from the financial institutions that have played a significant part in the current economic downturn.

It would be far fetched to state that this can be achieved solely through SmS but that’s not the point; it’s about working towards a change in mentality that values the collective over and above the individual. What SmS does provide is a platform to encourage a change in behavior after which all manner of online sharing services will be able to help further transform the political and cultural landscape.

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