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SmS Blog Series Part 5: Impact on ecology

The blog series highlights how can positively effect the environment, help local government, help build social capital and help reboot the economy.


SmS encourages the use of existing secure and dry space closer to where its needed. This concept has to a number of benefits from an ecological perspective.

You only need to take a cursory look at the blighted urban landscape in the UK to witness how self regulating industries such as self-storage can drastically effect ecology. Over the last 10 years the number of purpose built facilities has risen by over 1000% to 1200% at the last count. Whilst this has had an impact on the environment in general - in terms of construction - the lasting legacy of these bland warehouses is to visually dominate busy the road side; works of art they are not.

In addition the increased distance between the facility and the user leads to an increase in journey times and carbon emissions. The SmS proposition solves both these problems as storage providers live in the very streets and districts where storage users are likely to be located.

Packaging is also a major problem with 100's of tonnes of cardboard finding its way to land fills where renewable reusable options exist. Profits lie in new boxes hence there is no incentive for the industry to make the switch. SmS provides access to reusable packaging and carbon friendly specialists in order to help reduce the impact of using storage.

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