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SmS Blog Series Part 4: Impact on the culture?

The blog series highlights how can positively effect the environment, help local government, help build social capital and help reboot the economy.


The New Sharing Economy has the potential to have a greater impact than the Industrial Revolution. SmS is at the heart of this disruptive movement.

In the first instance it is the 'selfish motive' of earning or saving money that seems to attract our members but what quickly transpires is the social benefit arising out of regular interaction with people who they have built a trusted relationship with. Whilst communication between SmS members begins online there will inevitably come a time when the two parties meet ‘in the real world’. We have found that empowering people to take charge of their finances and manages relationships with ‘strangers’ goes a great deal towards building self confidence and reliance.

Many of Europe’s populations are aging and an increasing number of people are living alone; an increasing number of people are becoming isolated. SmS provides an opportunity to increase household income whilst providing a genuine reason to meet other members of their communities and build ties for the future.

We have found that SmS empowers ‘stay at home mums’ and homemakers looking to increase household income without having to compromise on immediate family priorities. SmS believes it is women in particular who are in the driving seat when it comes to fuelling the growth of the New Sharing Economy.

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