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Sharing Economy Digest

The Sharing economy has been on the rise for the last 4 or 5 years in one of the biggest economies in world, the USA and now the trend is catching on all aroud the world.  We take a look at some of the stories we came across.  One thing is for sure, the sharing economy is here to stay for some time.  The question is, are you sharing?

An example of collaborative consumption - Bike SharingRise Of The Renting And Sharing Economy - Now, "rent" is becoming the new "own," according to market strategists at ConvergEx Group, who warn that the ripple effects of such a trend could be "catastrophic." "Americans of every demographic are flocking to services like Airbnb, Taskrabbit, and Bag Borrow or Steal for one overwhelming reason: Renting and sharing allow us to live the life we want without spending beyond our means," the strategists write in a note to clients.

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Modern Mobility: Car Sharing Gears Up in German CitiesCollaborative Consumption - With car sales dropping dramatically among young customers and rising average ages of car buyers, carsharing is the new hope for the car industry in the automobile capital of Europe.


Share and share alike — from cars to dogs - Share your home, share your car, share your office space, share your tools — but share your dog?  It seems there is nothing off the table when it comes to the new rage in economic and social relationships. | Europe's largest carpooling network: Jobs - With 1 billion cars in the world, believes that everyone should have access to affordable transport, and that being on the road can still be cheap, green and fun. By sharing a ride, people save gas and money, reduce auto emissions and meet new friends. Pollution, traffic, parking and road maintenance are reduced. People can share experiences and help each other: everyone benefits!


Study: The Consumer Potential of Collaborative Consumption - The collaborative consumption space has grown rapidly over the past years—and further growth is expected.  This article discusses a survey that covers a wide variety of uses for collaborative consumption (household goods, cars, rides, meals, gardens, accommodation, and skills) as well as modes of exchanges (buying, selling, renting, lending, giving, receiving, and swapping).


Collaborative Pioneer: Inside Interview with David Mahfouda at Bandwagon - David Mahfouda is the CEO of Bandwagon, designing the future of collaborative transportation. 1. We know you were inspired by travels abroad! What about these experiences planted the seed for Bandw...


How Should Government Regulate The Sharing Economy? - Lyft and UberX, peer-to-peer ridesharing services, began operating in the Twin Cities this month, but only in St. Paul.  They are avoiding the Twin Cities’ other half because if they operated in Minneapolis, they would have to register as a taxi service.register as a taxi service. The regulatory split between the Twin Cities is a curious situation, and makes us wonder: how should government regulate sharing economy companies like Lyft, Uber and Airbnb?



James Surowiecki: Consumers and the New Sharing Economy : The New Yorker - For most of the past century, Americans have been the world’s greatest consumers. And usually consumption has meant ownership: just before the Great Recession, the average American household owned ...


So, we've had a look at whats happening elsewhere, now its time to realise that this is the future; the sharing revolution is now hitting the UK, and is right at the forefront.  Join the revolution, start sharing your spare room or speace for self storage (and of course, make yourself a bit of moeny at the same time).

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