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Self-Storage: A Small Sanctuary

An increase of people living alone due to lower income throughout the economy and the rise of divorce rates has increased self storage, with people downsizing and moving into flats. However self storage is playing a part as other uses than just a place to store your old boxes and furniture; many people up and down the country are using self storage for their own personal gain.  We know of one lady who has actually used her self storage facility as a living room, complete with a sofa and kettle, she says it’s her ‘cosy get away’ from the pressures of every day life.

It is quite common that storage units such as lock up garages are being used as private gyms for training sessions, this is also a growing trend.


Other uses of Self Storage units:

  • Music – Choirs are switching from tired village halls to cheaper, spacious, self storage facilities.
  • Walk-in-Wardrobes – If like many other fashion bunnies your wardrobe just can’t cope with the sheer amount of items you own, self storage space is a great way to keep those lovely retro items that you probably won’t wear again but don’t have the heart to let go of in a clean dry environment.
  • Library/Office - A number of you are starting to use self storage units as office space, some even turning it into a mini library, a place where the only ‘Shhh’ you hear is in the sentence of a John Grisham novel. Perfect space to relax.


You can see why so many have adopted self storage, have a think what you could do with your own space and tell us in the comments below.

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