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Packaging Tips: Box by Box

Packaging Tips: Box by Box

We know that packing is a bit of a chore and something we could all do without, however when it comes to Self storage, technique to packaging up your goods is crucial to ensure you make the most of the space you are paying for, it is also essential to make sure your items are unharmed during the journey to your self storage facility. So here are some useful tips we’ve picked up a long the way ourselves:

Large items;

  • Label parts if disassembled
  • Use blankets, pads, cardboard, bubble wrap for protection
  • Keep any screws secure in small bag.
  • Unless you have the strength of Popeye, don’t make the boxes to heavy, for most people less than 20kg
  • For heavier or delicate items, mark these boxes ‘this way up’.

IMPORTANT: Make an inventory, as you go along, so you know where you have kept each item.

Small items;

  • Avoid plastic bags as they are easily perishable, and they don’t make the best use of the storage space.
  • Matryoshka dolls style, use your items within your items e.g. larger items can store   medium items that can store small items.
  • Items you are likely to need, pack last for easy access.
  • Flat-pack what you can.


  • Avoid vacuum-seal bags, they can crush clothing and the air-tight seal can cause mould to grow.
  • For hanging items, use non rustic hangers.
  • Use acid-free white sheets to separate garments.
  • Ventilation is key when storing natural fibres such as wool or cotton, a wicker trunk or suitcase is perfect to store such items.
  • When stacking items, place heavier folded garments on the bottom.

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