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How To Use Your Self Storage Unit

How to use a storage unit?

It seems like a simple question with a simple answer, however you would be surprised at how many people can get this wrong.


Heavier items should go at the bottom, so that you can stack boxes on top of one another in order to utilise your storage space. If these items are delicate, wrap them up in bubble wrap, cardboard, whatever you see best fits, and place them in a sturdy box. Dust sheets are a great way to protect soft fabrics.

Room to breathe...

When unloading into your storage unit, it is important to leave room around the boxes that are against the wall. Even if your unit is temperature controlled it is always good to be cautious when it comes to your possessions, so just give that little bit of space around the edges.

Follow the yellow brick road...

It is also essential you leave yourself a gangway so that you can access everything in your storage unit. The key here is to plan; if you plan where everything is going and create that space for you to access things easily, it makes life a lot easier. The last thing you want is to be climbing through a jungle of boxes.

Hire away...

It is important to get sturdy boxes for your storage unit, you can get boxes from your local supermarket or buy them; however, you will pay a premium rate and they themselves will need to be stored. A good alternative is hiring boxes, we have a great relationship with where you can hire out boxes for the amount of time you need and return them once you are done. Great way to help the planet out!

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