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Do I Really Need Self Storage and How Much Do I Need?


Let's talk about storage size and stuff!

What questions do we ask when it comes to storage? The main one should be, do I actually need storage? Using storage space costs money, the more storage you need the more damage done to your debit card.


I need storage but don't want to spend much


So you've worked out you definitely need storage, there are easy ways to keep storage costs down. Firstly start with considering the size of storage required. Ask yourself how much do you actually need? The best way to assess this is to have a look at your items and organising them from things that are a 'must', to things that you 'want', to things that you 'don't-actually-need'.

I can't bring myself to throw away broken items


This is something common we all say. If you want to keep your storage to just your essentials, you have to be brutal when organising items for storage. If it's broken, are you really likely to get it fixed? Probably not, out with the old in with the new.

Give me an idea of the size of space


A single garage is about 100sqft so 8ft wide, 12ft long or 10ft by 10ft, and about 8-10ft in height. This amount of space fits roughly the contents of a 2-3 bedroom house. In terms of transporting your contents: a Luton box van is about 70sqft, and a Transit van holds about 40sqft. So depending on how many journeys you want to take you can take action accordingly.

Don't forget!


Once you've decided on size and the contents of your storage space, don't forget to consider the flexibility of your storage provider in terms of moving from one space to another and contracts. Don't just think about your entrance into self-storage, plan your exit too - so you're not spending more money than you need to.

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