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Britain: A nation of hoarders, why can’t we just let go?

28 Items Each…

A study shows that each of us hoard 28 items each, from broken hoovers hiding away in the cupboard under the stairs, a few old phones knocking around, to handbags with a broken strap under the bed.  And an incredible 3 million of us just refuse to discard of anything.

Mind Over Matter…

Psychologists from Psychology Today believe we’re trying so hard to get ourselves organised and in the perfect zone that we never end up actually getting on with it.

Things You’ll Tell Yourself…

‘I need to get myself organised first’- not necessary to organise clutter just get stuck in!

‘I’ll get it fixed and then use it’- You’re not getting it fixed, how long has that deflated Pilates ball with three holes in been sat in your loft?

‘What if I need it someday’- ask yourself how many years you have had the item, and how often have you used it. If you stop and think for a while, there’s your answer!

‘I might get into those clothes one day’- If you lose some weight, treat yourself to some new shiny clothes!

Helpful Tips…

There’s nothing wrong with holding on to certain items; for nostalgic reasons, for future plans, but that is where Self Storage comes into play.  You can get storage space from the size of a locker to the size of a warehouse.  Just start with the clutter, the 200+ old newspapers just collecting dust behind the sofa, the broken items and the 'haven’t seen the light of day for ten years' items.

  1. Make a list - list the different areas of your home where you may have items lying around or tucked away, starting with where the easiest place to start would be. Ease yourself in.
  2. Try the 12-12-12 challenge - 12 items to throw away, 12 to donate and 12 to find a place for.
  3. Research Self Storage- With all the new space you’ll have in your pad you could make some nice money off other people's storage needs by listing your space on
  4. Feel good-  Don’t just throw items out, you’ll feel much better by sorting and heading down to your local charity shops instead of just going to the tip.
  5. Re-gift - One man’s clutter is another man’s treasure, have a think about who you know that might want certain items.

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