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Being neighbourly :  Back in July 2010 a neighbour asked us if she could use our garage to store her children's bikes whilst their house was being renovated. She explained that she’d had a nightmare trying to locate a self-storage space nearby that didn’t cost the earth. We were only too happy to help - but it got us thinking...

How much?!

After a quick browse online we were flabbergasted at the high prices, poor locations and befuddling small print that seemed to be part and parcel of using one of the major self-storage providers.  Did people really pay up to £3,500 per annum for a storage space no bigger than our single garage?! We couldn’t believe it.

A closer look...

The next step was contacting around 100 of the biggest self-storage warehouses across the UK. Locations we researched included Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Bath, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Leeds and Nottingham. 

The plot thickens…

Our original findings confirmed that high pricing and migraine-inducing small-print seemed to be the norm. On top of that we found that many big-brand self-storage firms were not as transparent as they could be regarding their right to sell or trash the contents of a self-storage unit if a customer defaulted on payments!  Add to this the fact that many of these big brand self-storage warehouses are found on unpalatable (pun intended) industrial estates, neglecting most of the UK’s rural communities - and we knew we were on to something.

Over a barrel…

The fact is that the big-brand self-storage, by its own admission, is growing despite this time of economic hardship with a large proportion of facilities owned by a few corporations. It seems that people are either happy to spend thousands of pounds on their storage needs or they feel they have no choice.  We’re pretty sure it’s the latter.

Time for a change…

We knew there had to be an alternative way of doing things. If our humble garage was enough to tempt our neighbour away from the big-brand self-storage giants what else could? The more we looked around the more we realised that secure self-storage space is all around us. People’s garages, attics, basements, spare rooms, sheds, barns and even beach huts were lying dormant, ready to be put to use for self-storage. Cue enormous light-bulb and the birth of the world’s first social storage platform:
Welcome to! 

Finding storage has never been straight forward...until now that is.

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