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what is sms?

Concept (also known as SmS) is a social marketplace that brings together two different groups of people; those who have spare space and those who need spare space for storage. To put it simply, we’re here to add a dash of common sense to the self-storage industry.

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Being neighbourly :  Back in July 2010 a neighbour asked us if she could use our garage to store her children's bikes whilst their house was being renovated. She explained that she’d had a nightmare trying to locate a self-storage space nearby that didn’t cost the earth. We were only too happy to help - but it got us thinking...

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Collaborative Consumption is not simply about finding better self-storage; it’s part of a new consumer phenomenon! We’re now a member of an ever-growing family of online services, which has been designed to help everyday people come together to share all manner of skills and resources - and build communities too.

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Community vs Big business

Let's get one thing straight; 'business' is not inherently 'bad'. It is clear that many businesses provide useful and sometimes essential services from which we all benefit. The important thing to remember is that the legal priority for those running a business is to maximize profits. In practice this is especially true of businesses that are not 'owner-managed' where the company executives only remit is to deliver greater returns. There is of course nothing wrong with focusing on profits, unless it's at the expense of customer service levels. Let's look at the example of big-brand self-storage to see where things can go wrong and how SmS aims to put it right...

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Finding storage has never been straight forward...until now that is.

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