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How to list...

Listing a storage space is free to do and can be completed in just a couple minutes.  Offer your storage space now >>

What info will I need to include?

We’ve kept the listing form simple but don't hesitate to ask for help by contacting us.  We also have a step-by-step 'how to list' video, which will take you through the six basic steps:

1.    Think of a snappy, relevant title
Along with pictures and price, the title plays a big part in how many people will click on your listing from the search results. e.g Single Garage, Islington, NW1

2.    Enter the location
You’ll need to enter the full address. We will pubilcally list the general postcode and area but all other information will only be provided to the storage user once a reservation is confirmed by you.

3.    State the size and price
Enter the size of your space plus the weekly amount you wish to charge for its use. Don’t worry; we’ve put together a price guide and size guide to help.

4.    Additional information
Include any further details you think will be of interest to those who might want to rent your space.  Include any access restrictions or additional security measures.

5.    Upload pictures
We recommend taking good quality photos of the space that fairly represent what’s on offer. You can upload these via the ‘add images/save’ tab and make amendments through your dashboard.  

6.    Upload a video
In addition to photographs we recommend adding a video of your storage space to enhance your listing.  

STOP PRESS: for a limited time we will film, edit and upload HD quality video of your storage space! Contact us for further info.

Once you’ve completed your listing and saved it, it will appear in search listings instantly.  

Top tips:

To maximise interest in your storage space please consider the following:

Transparency: Make sure you’re as descriptive and honest as possible about your space, so storage users know exactly what to expect.

Availability: If your space is unavailable for whatever reason, make sure you mark it as such. This can be done via the 'storage offered' tab in your dashboard and will ensure you’re not sent reservation requests you cannot satisfy.

Spread the word: Why not use your initiative to promote your listing? Notify your friends on Twitter and Facebook if you have them or simply email people about what you’re up to on

Free advertising: We suggest taking a look at the ‘free classifieds’ websites available, such as Gumtree and Craigslist and listing your storage space on those. Not all sites will allow you to paste your SmS URL into your ad, but if you get any interest you could always send them to your SmS page, to ensure the booking is all above board.

The more the merrier! Remember, you can list as many spaces as you wish and you are under no obligation to accept a booking request.

It was a great experience storing with someone local...and it worked a treat!

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