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Booking SmS Storage

Found storage spaces that meet your requirements? Great! Here’s what happens next...

Contact the storage provider

You’ll need to be a registered SmS member to make an enquiry with one of our storage providers – register here for free. We always recommend contacting more than one provider when searching, to ensure you have the best choice available.

As part of this process a storage provider may have questions of their own, so make sure you answer these promptly. Don’t worry, all messages are sent through our secure messaging system and things like your personal details and the storage address will not be shared.

Strike a deal

Once you’ve reached an agreement in principle with the storage provider you’ll need to make it official through your dashboard in one of two ways:

Make a request: click on 'confirm' under the 'enquiries' tab in your dashboard and an email will be sent to the storage provider confirming you are happy to use their storage.  If a storage provider does not respond to your request within 72 hours we will automatically cancel the request and let you know so you can move on.

Wait for an offer: the storage provider can take care of things by formally offering you their space; it’ll then be over to you to accept it through the 'enquires' tab in your dashboard.

Once the reservation has been officially arranged we will provide both parties with names and email addresses so you can make appropriate arrangements.  See our 'how to make a reservation' video.

Arranging payment

SmS does not handle any storage payments hence all payment arrangments should be agreed directly between the storage providers and users.

Rental charges for storage listed on SmS are priced by the storage providers on a weekly basis. They must be paid in line with the storage provider’s preferred method which may include:

Cash in hand: it will be up to you and the storage provider to decide where and when the payment is settled in person. 

Standing Order: for longer term storage it may be more convienient if a standing order is established between both parties. 

PayPal: by far the most convenient and transparent way to pay for storage and our recommend method of payment for both storage user and provider.

Its a good idea to ask the storage provider how they would like to be paid before making a reservation.

Done and dusted!

Thats it! You are ready to move in.  As with any booking of this type its always a good idea to get in touch with the storage provider closer to your moving-in date to make sure everything goes swimmingly!

Once the booking comes to an end and your items have been removed from storage please leave feedback under the storage provdiers profile so that other potential storage users can review your experience.

It was a great experience storing with someone local...and it worked a treat!

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