How to store

Whilst it may be tempting to shove your items into storage it will pay in the long run to plan how you store.  Regardless of whether you are using self-storage, container storage, lock-up storage or SmS storage there are certain golden rules you should take into consideration...

Make sure you store clean and dry items
The cleaner and dryer your items are the more likely they will enjoy their time in storage.  Any moisture in a storage space can lead to condensation that could damage other items over the course of time.  If your storage unit is temperature controlled you might not have this problem but in general to avoid your possessions being water/condensation damaged over the course of time leave a moisture absorber in the unit.

Stack your items carefully
Stack your boxes with the largest, sturdiest, and heaviest at the bottom and the smaller lighter items towards the top.  You should avoid packing boxes right next to an outside wall as this reduces air circulation.

Draw up a storage plan
When your items are stored mark where everything is on a single A4 sheet and leave a copy in your storage unit.

Use all space available
Many items such as fridges (make sure you drain them for at least a couple of days) and wardrobes have empty space so make sure you fill these with appropriate items.  In addition collapse or stack furniture items such as chairs in such a way as to maximize the space available.

Leave an aisle in your storage unit
Unless you really do like to haul heavy boxes around every time you want to find something in your storage unit its essential you leave a clear aisle/gangway so its easier to get to that precious 1950‘s collectors item comic when needed.

Don’t go for cheaper storage if its unsuitable
Many self-storage facilities have storage rooms over a number of floors.  Its not always the case that rooms on higher floors are as accessible as the grounds floor; this is normally reflected in lower prices for the less accessible rooms.  Think carefully about which floor is most suitable for your needs as you don’t want to end up hauling heavy boxes up and down stairs.

Specify if you require a drive up unit
Now and again you may prefer to drive up right to the door of your storage space.  This would mainly be the case if you wanted to frequently access and load and unload your storage items.  Make sure you specify if this is a requirement.

Specify if you require heavy lifting equipment
Most self-storage facilities will provide hand carts for free in order to help you move your things around.  Some of the large facilities may offer a fork life truck but normally at an extra cost.

Basically the better you plan in advance the less you’ll need to worry about when you get to your storage space.

A nice cup of tea and a biscuit at the end of unloading my things? Now thats social.

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