How to list your space
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How to rent out your storage

Once you’ve added your storage space to the site and promoted it on the internet you can sit back and wait for enquiries...

Respond to enquires

SmS members will contact you via the site either to find out more information about the storage space you’re offering or enquire about making a reservation.

Remember storage providers who respond to enquiries promptly are more likely to rent out their space.

Strike a deal!

Once you’ve reached an agreement in principle with the storage user you’ll need to make it official through your dashboardmake it official through your dashboard in one of two ways:

Accept enquiry:  click on 'confirm' under the 'enquiries' tab in your dashboard and an email will be sent to the storage user confirming you are happy to offer your storage.  If a storage user does not respond to your request within 72 hours we will automatically cancel the request and let you know so you can move on.

Wait for confirmation: the storage user can take the initiave by formally confirming they wish to use your space; it’ll then be over to you to accept it through the 'enquires' tab in your dashboard.

Once the booking has been officially arranged we will provide both parties with names and email addresses in your dashboard so you can make appropriate arangements.  See our 'how to make a reservationhow to make a reservation' video.

Choose how you charge

Once you have accepted a booking the storage user will be required to make regular payments to you in line with your preferred method of payment:

Cash in hand: it will be up to you and the storage user to decide where and when the payment is settled in person.

Standing Order: for longer term storage it may be more conveinient if a standing order is established between both parties. 

PayPal: by far the most convenient and transparent way to pay for storage and our recommend method of payment for both storage users and providers.

Its a good idea to ask the storage user how they would like to pay before confirming a reservation.

Done and dusted!

Thats it! As with any booking of this type its always a good idea to get in touch with the storage user closer to the moving in date to make sure everything goes swimmingly!

Once the booking comes to an end and the items have been removed ask the storage user to leave feedback about on your profile about their experience.  

Republishing your storage 

When storage is booked our systems will automatically list it as 'currently unavailable'. That means once your storage is free again you’ll need to republish your listing via the dashboardrepublish your listing via the dashboard to ensure your space is be made available to new potential users.

It was a great experience storing with someone local...and it worked a treat!

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