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How to price and measure your storage

Providing accurate dimensions of your storage space and a fair price are the first step towards successfully renting out your storage...

Measuring your storage space

Measure accurately:  take the time to accurately measure the height, width and length of your storage space so a potential storage user can clearly see what is on offer.  

Units:  storage measurements on SmS are listed at Square Feet (Sq Ft) as a multiple of the length and width in line with industry standards although the Metric equivelant Meters Squared (m2) is provided under the advanced search.  

Highlight irregular shaped spaces:  if the space is an irregular shape such as an attic please ensure you note this in the 'additional information' section when going through the listing process.

View our size guide and calculator:  View our 'size guide/calculator' to see what/how much can be stored in your space.  You may wish to use this information to enhance your listings.  

Pricing your storage space

Set a price thats realistic and you'll stand a better chance of renting out your storage...

Weekly or monthly:  all rental costs on the SmS are set on a weekly basis rather than monthly basis.  A month can consist of 28, 29, 30 or 31 days where as a week is always 7 days hence we feel that pricing storage on a weekly basis is fairer and more transparent.

How much to charge:  that's really up to you.  Over the course of time you'll be able to gauge whether or not you charging too much or too little by comparing your listing against that of others on the site.  Whilst we are building up listings on the site we'd reccomend pricing your storage in line with the following guidelines;

10 sq ft = small storage = £5 pw

25 sq ft = 1/4 single garage = £10-15 per week

50 sq ft = 1/2 a single garage = £15-20 per week

100 sq ft = a single garage = £20-25 per week

200 sq ft = double garage = £25-45 peer week

Additional Costs:  be aware that storage users may need to top up their insurance, purchase packaging and arrange transportation so don't over price your storage!

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