How to pack

Whilst it may be tempting to rush packing your items and shove them into storage it will pay in the long run to plan how you pack you things.  Regardless of whether you are using self-storage, container storage, lock-up storage or SmS storage there are certain golden rules you should take into consideration...

Use quality packaging material
Always use good quality packaging material rather than cheaper options that are not suitable for your needs and will not last the test of time.  Good quality boxes will allow you to pack them to the brim and will not crumple when stacked on top of each other.

Pack at home not at the storage unit
Seem obvious but you’d be surprised by the number of people who decide to transport their things and worry about the packing at the storage unit.  Pack first or repent at leisure.

Wrap delicate items individually
Use a combination of bubble wrap, foam and tissue paper (acid free) to protect items such as crockery, glass items, pictures and mirrors whilst in storage and en route to storage.

Use protective sheets
Soft furnishings are vulnerable to dust so items such as sofas and mattresses should be individually covered using special sealable dust bags.  Dust sheets can be used for other purposes including covering

Mark your boxes
Use a permanent marker to number your boxes and write a summary of whats in each box so you don’t have to go through each one to find what you’re looking for.  Oh and if its fragile then it might be an idea to mark it as such.

A nice cup of tea and a biscuit at the end of unloading my things? Now thats social.

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