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How to list your space

Concept (also known as SmS) is a social marketplace that brings together two different groups of people; those who have spare space and those who need spare space for storage. To put it simply, we’re here to add a dash of common sense to the self-storage industry.

What about 'big-brand' self-storage warehouses?

Big-brand self-storage providers are charging and making an incredible amount of money out of people’s need for extra space. As well as becoming increasingly expensive, these facilities can be miles away from where you need them. Then there’s the small-print involved, which can be daunting to say the least. Some even insist on taking up their over priced in-house contents insurance. The thing is, with 'big business' it's rarely ever personal.

Time for something a little different…

In addition to smaller owner-managed self-storage providers just think of all the garages, attics, spare bedrooms, basements, barns and perhaps even beach huts that are lying dormant in your area, right now. We’re here to help you put them to use in a way that’s good for you, good for your community and good for your wallet.

Need extra storage?

Whether you’re moving house, going abroad, studying or perhaps getting married, most of us need extra storage space at some point in our lives. At last you can find storage that doesn't come with confusing small-print and spiralling costs - and is actually pretty close at hand. is here to offer a smarter, simpler, more social way to arrange your storage needs.

Got spare storage space?

It’s great to have spare space. But since you’re probably paying rent or a mortgage on it, why not make it start paying for itself and help out friendly locals while you’re at it? Renting out your spare space to people looking for storage can be a great way to earn some extra money – and all without lifting a finger!

What about commercial listings?

We found that people who have used self-storage;

  • Don't like being compelled to buy expensive in-house storage insurance
  • Would like to be told upfront about the firms 'missed payment' policy
  • Would like a 'what you see is what you get' online pricing structure
  • Would prefer a more personal service

In this light owner-managed self-storage providers that do accept third-party insurance, are clear about missed payments and offer transparent pricing are welcome to use the SmS service (please contact us in the first instance if you would like to list your facility).  

Common sense self-storage

So there we have it, is the sociable self-storage solution that allows you to make money by offering your storage or save money by using someone else's. Simple.



Finding storage has never been straight forward...until now that is.

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