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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

We’re glad you ask!

First of all why not use our storage size guide & calculator to choose a unit that has just the right amount of space for whatever it is you want to store? Then you can use our search feature to find just the type of storage space you’re after, searching and ordering results by location, size, price and ratings.

Once you’ve found what you’re after you can contact the space owner with any questions you have.

Why not take a look at our Finding SmS storage page for more tips on getting started or view our how to search and how to book walk through videos.

What kind of storage space can I expect to find on SmS?
With all manner of space listed the possibilities are endless. It all depends on what our users list. Use the search facility to take a look at what’s available near you then feel free to sort the results in order of size.
What is the minimum rental period?

There is no minimum period. You can store for as little or as long as you like and only pay for what you use. However, each storage space is different so you’ll need to contact the owner to establish their preferences.

How much storage space do I need?
That’s a really common question - and one we can help with. Take a look at our size guide for help working out what you need.
What if I have heavy or bulky items?
That’s fine, just make sure you can carry these or have enough people to help you. It would be a good idea to notify the space owner of this too. Ground floor or external spaces may not have a problem storing heavy items but if the storage is not on the ground floor, getting them in place could prove tricky.
How much notice do I have to give to rent out space?

All bookings must be made with the owner in advance. While we don't stipulate a minimum amount of notice before a booking don’t forget that you do need the owner’s agreement, which can take time. Similarly we don’t specify a notice period to end a booking; however it would be courteous to provide adequate notice to the owner.

What paperwork is required and do I need legal advice?

By renting out a space with you will agree to our terms and conditions.

Beyond that you shouldn’t require any legal advice but feel free to obtain some if you’d prefer.

Is there anything that I cannot store?

Acording to UK law (and common sense) you should not store any of the following items; 

  • living items such as animals and plants, 
  • toxic, polluted or contaminated goods, 
  • firearms, munitions or explosives, 
  • radioactive materials, 
  • flammable or hazardous goods, 
  • food or perishable goods, 
  • cash and securities, 
  • illegal goods, 
  • waste
Am I automatically covered for insurance by using this site?
No. As it is the sole responsibility of a storage user to protect their possesions all storage users should either notify existing home contents insurance providers of any plans to place possesions in temporary storage, or arrange an alternative policy that provides adequate coverage.
Do I have to extend my household insurance cover?

You may well do. You will have to notify your home contents insurance provider if you move any of your belongings into temporary storage. Most insurance companies will simply make a note of what is being stored where and charge no extra premium. Others may charge you a little.

How do I pay the storage provider?

This is agreed between the storage provider and user, though the provider gets to set their preference when adding their listing to the site. We recommend that all our users to pay via PayPal. However cash in hand and standing orders are also acceptable forms of payment.


Can I look at the storage space before I rent?

In the interests of the safety of everyone using the site, we don't encourage site visits before a booking has been made through the site. Before this point we do not allow members to exchange contact details or give the exact locations of the storage spaces (although we do give a close approximation). 

Once a booking has been made and is on record it would be a good idea to arrange a visit with the owner. Then, if you find on the visit that the storage doesn’t suit your requirements, you can always cancel the booking.

Can I cancel my booking?
Yes. If you have made a booking and your circumstances change, simply contact the provider to notify them that you no longer require their storage space. Cancellation charges may apply.

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