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How to list your space

Community vs Big business

Let's get one thing straight; 'business' is not inherently 'bad'. It is clear that many businesses provide useful and sometimes essential services from which we all benefit. The important thing to remember is that the legal priority for those running a business is to maximize profits. In practice this is especially true of businesses that are not 'owner-managed' where the company executives only remit is to deliver greater returns. There is of course nothing wrong with focusing on profits, unless it's at the expense of customer service levels. Let's look at the example of big-brand self-storage to see where things can go wrong and how SmS aims to put it right...

Additional extras

A number of big-brand self-storage providers insist upon customers taking up their contents insurance. This is despite the fact that a customer may already have a perfectly good home contents policy, which covers their goods while in storage. It gets worse. The typical cost of in-house self-storage insurance tends to be way above what you’d pay independently if you had the option. That’s why we only allow privately owned/owner managed self-storage firms that accept qualifying third party insurance to list on SmS (on a case by case basis).

Location, location, location...

Anyone searching for self-storage facilities in the UK will quickly realise that over 60% of those on offer are based in the South East. Most of the 1,000-odd facilities can be found in and around London and the rest are mostly scattered around other major cities. That means rural areas, which are home to a large proportion of the population, are not adequately catered for by leading self-storage providers.  If you own accessible land (e.g. farm or campsite) in an area where storage is not adequately represented get in touch and we'll show you how to establish your very own storage facility!

Premium fees

The cost of using what is ultimately secure empty space with a big-brand self-storage company differs depending on where you want it. Just as with the property rental market; where demand is high, space is expensive. As such it’s no surprise that the most expensive self-storage facilities are to be found in Central London, where a single garage space can cost as much as £3,500+ per annum! SmS provides a self-storage marketplace that enables you to find what you need, where you need it at a competitive price.


You can get a true reflection of the priorities of any business when things go wrong. Let’s say, for example you were to miss one or two payments for your self-storage space for some reason. Suddenly, thanks to a stipulation covered in the small-print, the company has the right to sell or trash your belongings. A self-storage business can’t make money from a space that isn’t being paid for, so when push comes to shove there’s only ever going to be one winner.  That's why we only allow privately owned/owner managed self-storage firms to list if they have a transparent 'missed payment' policy.

So what's the alternative?

By working together and trying something new, individuals, communities and 'best practice' independent self-storage providers can provide a cheaper, friendlier, more convenient and in many cases better value alternative to some of the leading self-storage businesses...

Look around your neighbourhood and you'll find all manner of unused storage options, from barns to basements and bedrooms to beach huts. enables people all over the UK and abroad to offer their unused space to others. We believe that communities, individuals and 'best practice' independent storage providers will treat you as they would wish to be treated and offer storage that:

  • is conveniently located, all over the country
  • is significantly cheaper and available on more flexible terms
  • is more transparent

As well as being driven by making a bit of extra money from their unused space, individuals are also motivated by what we like to call the 'social imperative'. We believe society has an innate desire to help each other out. Take a look at our page on Collaborative Consumption and you'll see we're not the only ones who think that...

Finding storage has never been straight forward...until now that is.

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