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Collaborative Consumption is not simply about finding better self-storage; it’s part of a new consumer phenomenon! We’re now a member of an ever-growing family of online services, which has been designed to help everyday people come together to share all manner of skills and resources - and build communities too.

Consumerism then… and now.

For the last 50 years or so consumerism has been about buying and owning things from corporations, but that’s starting to change. Thanks to the Collaborative ConsumptionCollaborative Consumption movement, the future of commerce is moving towards a form of social sharing, bartering, renting, lending and borrowing.  It results in a greater sense of community, reduced carbon emmissions, and a more efficient use of existing resources.

What’s included?

Specially dedicated websites like already offer a whole host of things via Collaborative Consumption. These include children's clothes, DVDs, unused parking spaces, bicycles, cars, skills, food, spare bedrooms, designer handbags, household items, land, money and now of course, self-storage space! 

An accidental member of the family…

As you’ll see from the story of our inspiration, the idea for came about pretty organically. Using technology to help people come together and share space just made sense and really appealed to our appreciation of traditional values. So imagine our delight when we discovered that what we were doing was actually part of a global movement that’s been growing at a phenomenal rate over the past couple of years!

We’re really proud to be part of Collaborative ConsumptionCollaborative Consumption and hope you are too.

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