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Annette Ritson, Tech Manager

Responsibilities at SmS
Implementeing the raft of site amends that are thrown in my direction on regular basis.  If it needs tweaking, changing, updating or a total rethink it will probably end up on my desk under a pile that says 'to do asap'. Note to self; must learn to juggle.

Favourite thing about SmS
The enthusiasm and effort behind creating a community resource and helping people avoid the self-storage 'brand trap'.

First job
Mucking out stables and being paid with free horse rides...the best job ever (apart from this one of course).

Favourite animal/film/pizza topping/member of the A-Team

Animal:  My horse. 

Film:  Harvey, the original with Jimmy Stewart.

Pizza topping:  Something Mediterranean like sun-dried tomatoes and olives...and artichokes if I'm really lucky!

Member of the A-Team:  If we are talking about the original then it has to be Mr of the show and owned the van.  No van, no show.  If we are taking about the remake then I'll opt for Murdoch.  (Ed: too much thought has gone in to this)

Finding storage has never been straight forward...until now that is.

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